Pranav's a marketing leader for SaaS and Fintech businesses.

Building the best marketing measurement platform for CMOs and CFOs

šŸ‘‹ Hello. Iā€™m Pranav, a marketing leader with hands-on experience in building and growing tech businesses.

I spent the first 15 years in the industry at companies like (acquired Invoice2go), Adobe (acquired Magento), Pilot , Dropbox, Padlet, and PayPal. I learnt how to find build great products and find marketing and distribution strategies in close partnership with product and sales teams.

I've dedicated the next 15 years to building Paramark. The golden age of marketing is here and Paramark is the best way for CMOs and CFOs to measure what matters, make confident investment decisions, and predictably forecast marketing's impact on their business.

I also write daily about what I'm learning - both in the field of marketing and in business building.