Pranav's a marketing leader for SaaS and Fintech businesses.

Go-to-market leader for SaaS and Fintech focused on SMB

šŸ‘‹ Hello. Iā€™m Pranav, a marketing leader with hands-on experience in building and growing SaaS and Fintech businesses. I specialize at finding product-market fit and scaling top of funnel growth through close partnership with product and sales teams.

I currently work at through it's acquisition of Invoice2go (Series C Fintech backed by Accel and Ribbit Capital). Previously, I've worked at Pilot (Series C Fintech backed by Sequoia), Magento (acquired by Adobe for $1.68B), Dropbox (IPO'd at $10B valuation), Padlet (Series A Edtech backed by YC), and PayPal. I studied Computer Engineering at the National University of Singapore. I also angel invest in businesses like,, and Seso Labor.

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