You don’t need a license to create

There’s been much debate about what Paul Graham said or meant in his interview with The Information. Since then, many have written about how sexist or discriminatory Paul sounds or not. Examples are here and here.

All in all, I don’t think Paul meant what his comments sounded like. However, given that not everyone has the full context behind YC and how it evaluates startups, lot of people are making hay out of nothing.

In all of this, we’re missing one simple truth. No one needs a license to create. You don’t need to be any age, creed or sex to make something people want. Yes, existing institutions (e.g. YC) may have a hard time finding a pool of entrepreneurs which represent the global population entirely. However, that doesn’t mean they believe that’s what the world *should* be like.

This was just a simple case of mis-communication. Read Paul’s response to understand why.