Why did I start this blog?

Oh, well, just because. I’ve tried blogging multiple times and have never stuck to it. I believe that’s not dissimilar to many others who either aren’t sure about who their audience is or what their purpose for blogging is. This time, however, I have a feeling things will be different. :)

So, what is this blog going to be about? Three things:

  • Startup life – most of my close friends know by now that I quit my cushy corporate job at PayPal for Wallwisher.com. It’s likely going to be a fun ride and this blog seems like a good way to capture the moments.
  • Learning new things – I’ve finally begun programming again (after 5 years) and hopefully I will start learning a lot of new things in the months/years to come. Expect to see guides, lessons and maybe some rants along the way!
  • Travel and the outdoors – being in California, I’ve come to love the outdoors and have wanted to spend a lot more time outdoors. Hopefully, with this blog, I’ll be able to document some of the best hikes as well as other trips that I take.

Tag along if you’re interested in any of the above!

  • sherene

    Oh hello :) My Google Reader alerted me to a post here – all the best with the start-up and looking fwd to more posts! Hope all has been well…I’m in Philly for a few mths, let me know if you happen to swing by?

    • thanks Sherene! Things are good (read:hectic)! Might be in Philly for my brother in law’s graduation in the summer. Not sure if you’ll be around, but will ping you closer to the date (May/June)…

  • Looking forward to tagging along :-P

  • nannasin smith

    it will be different.