The Side Project Club

Are you building a technical side project – a web app, mobile app, or even a hardware project? Do you ever wish you had more people to bounce ideas off of, to keep you honest and to show off your progress to? If so, join the Side Project Club – something I started on a whim today morning.

We started working on a side project of our own a few weeks back – Open Learn – and would love to bring together a group of people that are in a similar position as us. I figured that getting a group together might actually be a good way to meet others like us and learn from each other.

The only things needed to join the club are:

  • An idea – you must have the idea for the side project in mind.
  • A deadline – yes, a deadline is a requirement. Its a forcing mechanism to get results (even if it happens to be wrong, you can always change it) :P

This is going to be fun! :)