Sustaining good habits

Every once in a while I decide to adopt a new habit. Some stick and some don’t. This year has seen many swings in my ability to sustain those habits due to the erratic schedule of start-up life, but that’s hopefully going to change soon (update coming in a few weeks).

I remember my high school and college days when I would literally write down every habit I wanted to develop on paper and then track it religiously. Something changed when smartphones arrived a few years ago. I thought it was going to radically improve the way I track these things. I tried. I failed. All the “habit” apps I tried just didn’t work. Two key problems:

  • Too difficult to input data, or
  • Too difficult to customize

I think I have tried at least about 7 different apps on Android to try and do this. Tried’s web app as well but had similar issues. It was unnecessarily social in nature, and just didn’t give me the right visualization.

So, I am reverting back to plain old paper. Well, sort of. I’ll try a Google spreadsheet first and see if I can automate that through a mobile app once I learn how to! :) Here is what it looks like: