Shifting gears

When I started this blog, I wanted to write about a whole variety of things. Lessons I learn, projects I work on, reviews of software that I use. However, over the last 6 months however, there have been just a couple of posts that have gotten the most (read recurring) interest.

The one post that has by far been the most interesting is the one on building a web app with Nodejs. Initially I thought the popularity of the post was because of some SEO mojo due to its popularity on Hacker News and the really awesome naming (put 5 technology product names in the title of any post and you might see the same results).

What I didn’t realize is that the post was really helpful for people. An average visitor spends ~5 minutes on that post alone, which is pretty high if you’re familiar with the engagement metrics on the web.

So, moving forward, the focus of this blog will be around technology/programming lessons based on things I learn myself. This will also help me in my journey. So, if you want to learn some new tech skills or two, hop along and hit the subscribe button!