New year resolutions

I’ve written about habits in the past. Specifically, how hard they are to form and sustain. At first, I thought it was because I wasn’t measuring my habits and progress on a daily basis. I was unhappy with all of the habit tracking apps on mobile. So, I tried using plain old Google Sheets to record habits. That didn’t work either.

After several starts and spurts in the last few years, nothing has really stuck. I’ve come to realize that, for me, forming new habits has little to do with measurement.

In my personal case, it has more to do with not letting perfect be the enemy of good. I always start off on the deep end of the pool. I’ll write out my ideal list of habits, and try to hit them all from day 0. Hah. No focus or prioritization.

So, this year, I did something different. I wrote down 8 habits I wanted to form this year. Then, I stack ranked them, and decided which ones were “must do” vs. “good to do” vs. “nice to do”. This whittled the “must do” list to just 2 – exercise and meditate.

This took the pressure off. With just 2 must do things to do every day, everything else was gravy. Now that I look back, January was the most successful month for me in terms of sustaining these habits.

February was less successful (10 days of exercise and 5 days of meditation). I let work distract me from the daily routine. March will be better.

  • I’ve found it easier to just fix one thing at a time. Maybe that might improve the conversion, too! :-)

    All the best!