Catch 22

One positive impact of the move to the city is that now my commute is a little longer – 35 minutes door to door each way. This lends very well to my desire of listening to audio books (killing two birds with one stone). I just completed A short history of nearly everything – a fun book full of trivia, which I have been told might not all be accurate! :)

I’ve always wanted to read more fiction, so I decided to download something that’s been on my list forever – Catch 22. Its hailed as one of the great literary works of modern American literature. It’s a parody based on experiences of several American soldiers during WWII, and quite unique in its style. I still haven’t gotten used to the narrative yet – jumping from character to character and story to story, and really conversational. It’s almost like listening to a movie. Perhaps that’s not my style but I am committed to finishing it!

Soldiers trying to avoid it while generals loving it and every other emotion mixed in between – makes it a unique take on war and that’s always a fun topic. If you have a great suggestion for other fictional books – please leave them in the comments! :)