About me

Hello, world!

I am Pranav, and this is my home on the internet. I like building things. Over the years, I have tinkered with some great ideas. Somehow, though, I never seemed to have enough time to build those ideas into reality. Until now. Yes. This blog is going to be mostly about my life projects through which I try to build new and meaningful things.

There are three areas that fascinate me – education, health and productivity – and, you’ll see a lot of posts around these topics. If you are interested in these topics too, hit the subscribe or feed links on the side.

I have been fortunate to have a variety of life experiences – from having started up twice (once in Singapore and once in the valley), to working in large corporations (PayPal), to being part of a high growth startup – Dropbox, where I work today. Life has been fun, and full of lessons. Once in a while, you’ll see some posts on life lessons too!

If you have any feedback, or just want to get in touch, find me through the links on the side.

p.s. this blog represents my personal views and work and is in no way sponsored by or connected to my past, current or future employers! :)